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    I need help.

    tampabay50 Newbie

      The ratio of money spent for goods not sustaining my business. What I need are cost cutting ideas. I own a sports grill in a town of about 10k people.
      I have the only of its kind. The clientelle is pretty good. A typical week is anywhere from $4500-$5500 per week. Because I have another job Labor
      typically runs $1100 per week. We usually ge stuff from us foods and copanies like that. Can someone please give me some good ideas to make
      more money without raising prices because the unemployment rate here is double the national average

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I need help, Welcome Rod I would more than happy to help you.

          How do I reach you?? Email?? Phone??

          You need a Business and or a Marketing Plan.

          The more I know about you and your business, the better my answers.

          Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            The first thing you have to do is to re-evaluate the money you spend on food. Are you getting the best bulk prices or are you spending money with a vendor who is a friend who is charging more? You may want to re-evaluate the menu as well and get rid of some of the more expensive (your cost) items. For a sports bar in a small town I can't see the need for a huge menu other than some great munchables and maybe burgers unless you have some sort of lunch and dinner crowd.

            What about the costs of alocohol? Are your distributors working with you to help maximize consumption/cost? Are you making heavy on the alcohol drinks or using an industry standard shot glass? How many poured drinks are you getting from say a fifth of vodka? Can you raise prices on call drinks say 25 cents?

            Finally the big question......Is anyone skimming?
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                tampabay50 Newbie
                The menu is not huge. We specialize in wings and have a few other things like tenders, burgers, salads, grill chicken, hot dogs, fish, and shrimp. As for the alcohol my county is dry. So we can only sell beer. We sell a 14 ounce mug for $2.25 and a pitcher for $7.. I can show
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                It is often less expensive to get repeat customers as opposed to new ones. What are you doing to entice your current customers to come in more often or spend more money when they do?

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                  bigpayout Newbie
                  Hi Rod,

                  My name is Raymont with U.S. Merchant Systems here in Charlotte NC and we help businesses like yours increase profit on their Visa / MC processing. Do you except credit cards? How long have you been in business and are you looking to expand your business to a higher lever? If so, what do you need to grow your business and increase your bottom line? I would need more info to help your business, so email me ASAP or call me.


                  Raymont Jones