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    Hello Everyone

    Cheryl Newbie
      Hello friends, I'm a published author who started a business to assist future authors get where I am, plus we do printing of various products. I have some success, alot of attention, but how do get the attention to turn into more funds for the business? I do advertise in papers, e-mails, and the internet with my website, funds are tight, but hoping to change that. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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          Mozart Wayfarer

          Hello there, I noticed that you are from MA. MA - especially the Boston area has a ton of universities! Many of them are world class in liberal arts. Have you ever considered advertising your business to the universities?
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            craigbsa Newbie

            You might want to host a breakfast meeting at a local hotel that you can ask interested clients to preregister for, to help cover the costs. You could give a nice opening talk and have some of your past clients speak and well as offering time to the other attendees to speak.
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              MadBiz Newbie
              Network, network, network! I would suggest speaking or participating in church or school events (e.g. Festivals, Career Day), never know how many Pastor's & Teacher's are interested. If not already done I would also get as many reciprocal links setup to my website as possible. Participate in as many blogs as you can to get name recognition and traffic back to your web site.
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                Rainmaker Newbie

                Look for people that need to be published.

                1. Speakers, both those that are professionals and those that want to be. Offer your services to membes of NSA--the anational Speakers Association.
                2. Owners of successful small businesses that are getting local media attention (because they understand the value of PR and advertising)
                3. Senior officers of second tier corporations headquartered in your area.
                4. Family owned companies that would like to have a history published.

                I hope those are of help.
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                  WEBillions Adventurer
                  Publicize at some writer's conferences or at least send out an informative email to the conference organizer. Wiki has a great list of conferences.

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                    Biz Online Adventurer
                    If your in the consulting business, you will max out your potential earnings by the amount of hours you can work.
                    To go beyond your hourly rate, you need to build (if you haven't already) an information book on how to be a successful author. By being in the information business, you can quickly multiply your earnings, as opposed to doing one client at a time.
                    1. Build a printed version of your information
                    2. Build a permission-based, or subscription-based website that allows clients to access the information online
                    3. Build an online marketing system for your website. Capture email addresses by giving away something free, like a white paper
                    4. Once you have opt-in (permission to send) email addresses, you will need a series of emails: great information without giving away all of your success secrets. Set up automated emails, perhaps as many as 10, spaced out over a period of several days to several weeks. And always be selling or offering to sell. Keep incentives going, like 20% off this week, etc.
                    I could go on and on about this, but the point is you CAN maximize your income using an automated system instead of one client at a time.
                    Good luck,
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                      DomainDiva Ranger
                      Why don't you start a blog?
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        You must know Ron Pramschufer. In my mind, he's the role model to emulate in your business -- head and shoulders above anyone else. I don't know anyone who understands self-publishing and the POD business better. Ron's website contains a wealth of clear and accurate information, as well as frank and helpful advice to aspiring authors. He gives away his knowledge freely, and I think that's what draws new authors to him and his POD services.


                        Most people who think they have a book in them, as well as those who need to publish for professional reasons, will search the web for options. Therefore, the first impression your potential clientele will have is your website.


                        On your site, the filmstrip theme and graphics doesn't seem to match the business you're in, and the main text on the middle of the home page is an apology that suggests you had a plagiarism issue. I'm afraid that many visitors would exit right there and move on to the next search hit. You indicate that your purpose is to help aspiring authors, but compared to Ron's site, there is not much information that does that. With options like CreateSpace available to authors, I think you may have to provide more of the help you describe up front as an enabling force to help new authors get started. As I navigated the site, I had to constantly keep closing pop-up ads (on the page where your policy states that no pornographic material will be accepted for publication, guess what kind of pop up appeared?). When I clicked on the published and coming books, I was taken to external sites with more pop-ups that advertised all kinds of other things. All that may be annoying or and confusing visitors, and it projects an unprofessional image.


                        My intent is not to be harsh, but to honestly answer your question about how you might turn the attention you're getting into more revenue. I'd start with the website.


                        Best of luck to you!
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                          Score133 Adventurer
                          The National Endowment of the Arts has grant money available for businesses such as yours that train future writers. Give them a try! It's well worth the effort.
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                            Warm Spirit Newbie

                            There are many links on the internet like:, that help writes publish their own work, etc. Perhaps you should create one of these type links on your web page and create your own listing. There are many people that I know that are writers and want to be published, and they search on google to locate ways to do find out how to do this. This would be another great way to advertise your services and expertise.
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                              MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
                              Cheryl, Try hosting an informational seminar through your local Chamber of Commerce or Networking Group. Dues to join is usually miminal but allows you a lot of exposure which can turn those interested into those "sold". This worked for me and my business - best thing I have spent money on so far.