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    Brand new electricity industry

    Bamboogreen Wayfarer

      I have though about one of new way to general electricity since 20 years ago, now it's more feasible marketing acceptable compared to the solar industry, it'd be much more power than solar compared to size, costs, and yet the power outputs, any one knows the solar panel can be recyclable and it's worth to recycle ? Everyone knows solar panels are expensives in the manufacture procedures.

      I need a good and faithful lawyer that will take my idea into the paper works that can present to the investors and the goverments let them know that there is some thing will work to produce independ energies for electricity and creates jobs, it's abrand new industry will change the world.

      And now, here the materials same as solar from the mineral process to the manufacture forms, and created into a new form that easy to carry any where on this Earth, installed in the facilities with other equipments will produce electricities 24 / 7 aweek,365 days , year after years. It's a non-intrusive, clean, silent form of energy, and non- polution involves, and the most intereste part is it can be recycleable, creating a clean environment power plant that you can build it right in the city block by computer controled operations, build in the skyscraper's basement to power the building, it's expandable as far there's space available. The goal to have these power plants to replace the coal burn power plants world wide, yet we will not need nuclear power plants, not the wind towers taking the nature lanscapings, nor the water damps, solar may eventually becoming unmanageable wastes due to the costs to efficiency, especially the residence solar panels installed on the roofs will becoming junk because no one yet taking it as recycleable materials, the roof contractor will toss it into the dump container when they replacing the leaking roof. It will creating millions jobs from the mining to the manufacture procession, creating manufactures job to produce new equipments and facilities parts,so the constructions of the facilities, due to the powerplants built close to the city areas, it will cut the power transmission lines and power losts at least 50%, it will cut the costs of the power transmission line projects and save the enviroments affected by the transmission lines going throught forest and mountain tops, or your home's back yard that affects your health. It's 100% man made and manageable materials that reusable and aboundable any where in the world. All what we need to do is to let the goverment involvements to promote the encouragements to the investors to invests into these energy productions.