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    Dow 14100+ What does this mean for the economy?

    akgold Adventurer
      I have seen the Dow swing up and down dramatically in recent months and I was just thinking out loud what this means for the economy. Is the economic outlook captured in the Dow? Does this help tell us how we feel about the future?

      It seems that on the one hand several economic factors are looking positive, but on the other hand there are negative items such as the housing market. So, what are your thoughts? Is the economy going to keep on rolling ahead or is it going to potentially slow down in the years ahead?
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          WEBillions Adventurer
          I think the housing market is going to get better. Finally, the majority of Americans are actually aware of the problem and there is starting to be some pressure to correct the issue. We are definitely in a credit crunch at the moment, partly due to this. I think this crunch and the housing market will get a little worse, but rebound strongly soon afterward.

          Occassional dips are inevitable. The question is how bad does it get and how quickly do we recover.
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              snccigars Adventurer
              Hey guys, just dug up this article from almost 2 years ago to the day...kind of interesting in retrospect! If anyone has a time capsule on their memory, can you remember what you were thinking about the economy 2 years ago, what signs you saw of change, and what those changes were? I have heard a saying that goes, " The only thing people learn from history, is that we never learn anything form history." Also, history always repeats itself. I was just talking to a guy who says that he thinks inflation is heading the way of the 70's. Does anyone have any advice for us small business owners based on past experiences, on what we can do to "crystal ball" the future, whats coming our way and what we can do to survive?