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    Home-based Group travel business "mantra"

    johnt_83 Newbie
      Hello all,

      I am new to the small business online community! I am currently in the
      process of starting my own home-based leisure group travel business and
      am seeking out feedback for my company "mantra" that I plan on using.
      Here is what I have come up with:

      1) "Dream. Connect. Explore." - in relation to my business name World Travelers United, this expresses and desribes that people dream
      about taking a certain vacation, they connect with people who also want to take that vacation, and then, they explore that desired location

      2) "Exploring the world together, one day at a time" - this basically expresses what we do as a business and the services that I provide.

      I personally think the 1st one has more impact. I watched a video from
      Guy Kawasaki and "The Art of the Start" he says to keep it 3-4 words,
      so winner = Dream. Connect. Explore? I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

      John Trivedi