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    Looking for reality

    jp6122 Wayfarer
      I have a passion and dream of owning my own business. I am almost finished with the business plan, just doing a market study and I will be finished. As I sit and look over the rough floor plan and re-read my business plan I get excited and want to just start doing it and open this business. Then I get frustrated, I have very little start-up money and will need to get a loan or find an investor. I am willing take the risk and get the loan or have an investor, but I am just curious if I am just dreaming or is this possible. The frustration sets in when I start thinking that when I go to get the money, either the bank or the investor, says great business plan and idea but you need to put up more of your own money. Then I think am I doing this all for nothing, am I being impractical.

      I guess I am trying to find some positive sucess stories on people who had very little start-up personal money and made it work by borrowing most of the money. I am sure this uncertainty is all part of the process.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Jim, Did you check out SCORE??

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            GodsPassion09 Newbie
            Wow! You know, I enjoy forums a lot because you get to meet more people who have certain things in common.

            Like you, I'm at work finding funding for my business. You see, it's a job in itself looking for the right people to get involved in the dream that's so precious to you. It's work without a salary at the beginning, but it will pay off in the end. Leave no stone unturned to find the right people to help.

            First thing in the mornings, pray that God will open the channels for you. Then follow-up with action. Sooner or later He will connect you with people who will want to assist you without being so bothered about what's in it for them. I myself have made a vow with Him that whoever connects with me in the funding of my business will not lack, and that there will be a plaque with their citation on it in my store where all will see it. I want to boast in my store about the corporation, etc that made my business a reality!

            Praise the Lord!
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              css1985 Wayfarer

              We are working with business people all across the US and Canada. (Existing businesses and in startups) One of the things we do is help them reach their goals by helping them add a no risk recession/depression protection component to their business. As you can imagine in this economy is the time to consider this as an option to help people make it through.


              See our profile css1985 for contact info.