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    Field Trips

    schoolmommy Newbie
      We are a school organization wanting to finance field trips for our school. We have tried traditional fundraising methods but need $8000 to cover the costs for the entire school. Any ideas?
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          rbmmczz7 Newbie
          Hello Schoolmommy,

          Are these field trips for this school year or are they for the upcoming year?

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            css1985 Wayfarer

            Has anyone told you about the Inc 500 pharmaceutical manufacturing company called Melaleuca yet? They gave our over 400 Million dollars to their customers last year and have a whole division dedicated to Fundraising. It's very nontraditional fundraising and creates an ongoing stream of income to the nonprofit group. Want more info I can put you in touch with people who are doing things with it. I am part of a group who supports some friends out of Colorado who raise approximately $40,000 a year with it for their Christian school. Best thing you could do is visit with me on the phone and I can get you some web site plus info. See our profile in the small business in the online community (css1985) for contact info.


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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Field Trips, Welcome

              We can help. Tell us more about you and the school.

              Go to Members page and share. How do I contact you?? Email?? Phone??

              We want to help but need MORE info.

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                bmt2008 Adventurer
                What have you tried in terms of traditional fundraising? Can the parents all chip in and pool funds?

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                  Interpreter Wayfarer



                  what have you tried in terms of traditional methods? can you approach local business for donations? bake sale? sell candy bars? where are you located by the way?
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                      schoolmommy Newbie
                      We are located in the heart of Los Angeles, not really in a community that has parents who can afford to give. We have tried catalog fundraisers, cookie dough, candy bars, and we have only managed to raise about $2000 in total. Any other suggestions?