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    tips on starting a company

    keitat22 Newbie
      what tips can any one give people who want to start a company from stratch
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          Tori Scout
          Hi keitat22 and welcome to the Community! Sometimes tips vary by location. Where are you located? Complete your profile when you have a second.

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            snipperred Scout
            I'm doing just that. For me, I'm starting with a vision for what I want to do for a living. I've seen too many business owners get what they asked their bitter dissapointment. So my first suggestion is to aim for a business you are going to love to do rather than just go for opportunities to make money. Running a business is not always easy nor fun. So if you are going to commit yourself to doing something, then having a passion for it will likely make a big difference- especially once you're vested.

            From there, I recommend tons and tons of research and development. Learn absolutely everything you can about your market and running a business. I've been doing this seriously for at least a year and project it'll be a few more years before I go live with anything. If at all possible, enter intelligently. If you have what you want to do already in mind, then you might want to get into a planning phase. There's a lot of good info out there on business plans and free advice from organizations such as SCORE.