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    Musicians Wanted

    MusiciansWant Newbie
      I just opened a new business. Selling musicial instruments and accessories. My website is How do I get poeple to actually visit and buy my products?

      Thank you
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          snipperred Scout

          Slippery When Wet?!!! Lol! Sounds like we're the same gen. I've got Livng Color- Cult Of Personality on mine for now.

          Nice effort on the site. I'm rooting for you. I honestly didn't notice anything compelling about the site or what you're offering that would accomplish your goals of getting people there and buying. However, in a functional sense I think the simplicity would be welcomed for someone in the transaction mode. So you are probably on the same page in terms of doing something to get people to the point of purchase.

          I noticed you were doing some outreach on Craig's List and had some ideas of supporting/ showcasing musicians. I think you should get out into the social networking arenas in places such as Ning, YouTube, Facebook, and especially MySpace to engage your market directly. Also, if you can compete on price, maybe play around with Ebay. The music industry is simply astronomical. I'm not sure what you could do to distinguish yourself. However, chances are no one would hold doing something outragious against you.


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              MusiciansWant Newbie

              Thank you for your insight.......I just started and i am just messing around seeing what works.......I didn't realize it woul dbe so tuff.....maybe I should just pack it in go back to Wall St lol

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                  AdventureMope Newbie

                  You gave up THAT easy???
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                    snipperred Scout
                    I think you should keep messing around with've got some potential showing. I think I've got potential too, but research and development is key to taking a vision and materializing it into something that will get substantial results. I expect I have a few more years of this before I even go live. You've accomplished a functional site with some interesting features...just not ready to attract people and get them to buy. I don't think you need a major overhaul, just a tune up.

                    The into graphic is sweet. I think you should lose the "That 70's Show" feel to it. What I mean is you might think of removing the large font business name and develop more of an integrated icon graphic that goes along with your main page. The instrument layout with flashes across the various instruments is hot. I bet you would do well to bring that out as the entire page. If link functional by instrument, maybe syncronize musical instrumentation- clips of guitar riffs, drum solos, etc. You can also do targeted main page variations like me. So identify different target markets and in your outreach send links to page variations specific to them...guitar specific to guitar audience and so on.

                    You can check my profile to a link to my social network on Ning. You can do the same easily for free. I think you will find the platform sharp and customizable to your needs in market engagement and interactivity. You don't see my website which will be functional in a different sense much like yours. I think your webpage work is best suited to the purchase transactions while your storefront would probably be better as a social network that links to it.

                    Just some ideas. Good luck.
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                  AdventureMope Newbie
                  I have always used Musicians Friend. I just googled musical instruments and I don't even see your website. You need to figure out what your Meta Tags are and see where you are coming up in searches.
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    Musicians Wanted, Welcome

                    Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE both in person and on line.

                    SCORE has a FREE Virtual Learning Center with 26 online courses including 7 on

                    the Foundations of Marketing.

                    Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                      KatsVoice Newbie
                      Hello Musicians Wanted.

                      Congratulations on your new business venture.

                      Even if you opened a music store in the busiest street in America, poor planning of it's opening can cause the sounds of crickets... Opening a new business on the internet without planning and marketing would be like a person hanging a sign on their front door in the middle of a 2,000 acre parcel in Wyoming...NO ONE SEES IT. So, you have some work ahead of you.

                      Who are you? What I mean by this is, who do you want to be for your customers?
                      Can you help them and advise them on what product they need?
                      Can you refer them to partners in your industry for music lessons, gigs, or others in the community?
                      Are you a peer to the musicians, or simply a store?
                      Can you assist schools in special pricing? Can you cater to the home schooling community?
                      OR, as I suspect, are you yourself in a band and love your own industry? If that's so...what's your position in the community? ...your expertise?

                      If you don't know.....walk away from the computer and get to work on a proper marketing plan. People who SKIP this step DO NOT remain in business because they don't know what they don't know.

                      I took a look through your website and and have some feedback:

                      • If your only Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is price, you better be sure your price is the best. It's clear that your prices aren't the best out there.
                      • If you can't compete with price, you have to offer something the customer perceives as a value.
                      • The product descriptions are very brief and provide no unique information that would help a customer make an informed decision
                      • There is absolutely NO PERSONALITY or BRAND present on the website.
                      • The pictures need work.
                      • Your video contest for the band may turn out to be more work than you expect if you don't clearly detail what formats and size video you require. It may be prudent to outline that ahead of time. Just use the standards YouTube or similar sites use....
                      • Your site as it stands cannot compete with similar stores....

                      Beyond that, it's still a tough market....and they're will be more marketing to be done.

                      I recommend from this point forward to plan first....then launch. Ready, FIRE, Aim! methods only cost you money and could make this business more of a short term thing...and I'm sure you don't want that.

                      All the best!