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    Anyone interested in bartering services?

    amspcs Ranger
      It's no secret. The economy stinks, business is slow, we're all looking to reduce expenses and pick up
      a little revenue anywhere we can find it. Right?

      It seems to me that we have a ready-made market of customers in need of services right here within this community. Why not take advantage of it? If you're in B2B services, why not trade your services with somebody else, both parties get services they need and save a buck or two in the process. Or if barter
      isn't feasable, why not offer extra extra extra good pricing to your fellow forum contributors? True, our
      margin won't be what we're used to in good times, but business is business, and it's just like found money. I always remember what a very wise businessman told me years ago very early in my business career (I'm 61 now): 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Think about it. Makes sense to me.

      I'll start. Anybody need credit card processing services??...that's my business. If you qualify, how about
      1.39% qualified signature debit, 1.73% swiped qualified credit, 2.09% key entered or internet, $.23 per item, $5 per month, $10 monthly min? Take a look at your present statement and see how these numbers compare with'll probably find they're not close. I'll write this program for anybody on this forum who qualifies during February, make a few pennies instead of dimes and be satisfied with the found money. good for both of us. .

      Any takers? Anybody else have any deals out there? How about it. Make something happen.

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          pdmiller Adventurer
          We've started accepting barter from some of our clients. It is a great way to reduce our costs and provide services for other small businesses as well. Of course, before agreeing to barter with any company we do a thorough check to see if their services are what we need as well as the quality that we are looking for.

          For instance, we recently did a website for Jim Adams Entertainment ( in exchange for his providing us with his services as an entertainer for a concert. It worked out very well with both parties being please with the result.