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    Seeking Web Designer

    Ms_Boss Adventurer
      I am searching for a freelance or company based web designer to design a website for my clothing company. Working with a limited budget. Any sugesstions?
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          amspcs Ranger
          By all means, get in touch with John Kelly at 6X6 Design,, (215) 208-1702.
          John is a frequent contributor to this forum, very knowledgable, and reasonable. He just upgraded our
          site from the previous 'homemade' incarnation and we love it. I can't say enough about how satisfied we are.
          Have a look at our site (see below) for a sample of his work. Good luck.


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            your_web_guy Adventurer
            we can take care of you as well. go to and check us out if you wanna :)
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              sangeetakumar Newbie
              There are several afforadable companies out thee especially in Orange County.
     offers a partnership deal for ecommerce websites, whereby you pay only part of the cost.
              You can even bargian or post your requirement at

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                gjasonsmith Newbie

                I invite you to visit our website and view our services.

                I am the business owner and as always we provide free estimates. I have been working in technology for over 10 years, and if nothing else I could provide you with some design, development or online marketing advice.

                Thank You,
                G. Jason Smith
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                  pdmiller Adventurer
                  I just joined the community today. I have a web design business that specializes in small businesses and non-profit organizations. I'd love to talk with you regarding your web site needs. You can contact me at (408) 621-5038 or go to my web site:

                  Patty Miller, Owner
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                    e2Mars Newbie
                    Hi There,

                    I am new to this forum. Well I represent e2Mars ( and we provide e-Learning, Graphic, Multimedia, Web Design and Web Development services. We are located in India and could help you out with your requirment and within your budget. I would suggest that we could first talk about your requirment and the expectations that you have and then I could suggest things that might benfit you and would surely fit into your budget.

                    You can either email me at or you could also skye me at 'satishphilip'. I would be happy to tell you more about me and my team and also about the serives we provide.
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                      gegrus Adventurer
                      Hello my name is Dmitry
                      I am from Russia.
                      And we would like to offer you, very high web designer's team in USA
                      Contact info

                      Please visit their web portal
                      We also, are planning to have contract with them
                      This is very reliable company, believe me
                      And they are really professionals in web designing

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                        stevepat Adventurer

                        Hey look this website which provides services for Small Business people. I found they are much affordable and worth paying,

                        Link to reach them is

                        Let me know your feedback. :)
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                          ProWebSols Newbie


                          I am contacting you about your query for website designing.
                          I have a web design business that specializes in small businesses. We do offer very affordable price and quality work.
                          I'd love to talk with you regarding your web site needs. You can contact me at (201) 243-9322 or via our web site:


                          ProCogs Team
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                            SME_ally Adventurer
                            If your site is not an ecommerce site. And if you own an Apple computer then your best bet is to use their iWeb software. They have fantastic templates and editing is a breeze. The software is super intuitive. Otherwise go to a template site like and buy a site. Then have a friend who knows css and html to customize it for you. If you choose a web designer to build from scratch then your site will be as good as the money you pay.

                            However, I have a proposition that will be hard for you to refuse. Please email me if you're interested.
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                              sahathom Wayfarer
                              hi, we are a small company that is just starting out. We do things a little differently by offering monthly contracts for web design and development including ecommerce services. Our prices are low and affordable and start at $25/month. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions!
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                                Anne87 Wayfarer
                                Still looking for Web Designer for your business? reach me at
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                                  NuevolutionWD Wayfarer
                                  Hello Deanna,
                                  How are you? I am a web developer based out of California Originally from Elizabeth, New jersey and I noticed that you are looking for a web designer / developer that will work with you, since you are on a budget.

                                  I have experince in clothing web sites. I would be more than happy to share with you some of the design work I've done for an upcoming clothing line here in California.

                                  Please contact me at: 626 698-1833 or via Skype at nuevolution1 and I will be more than happy to provide you with art work and my portfolio.
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                                    shatherley Newbie

                                    My name is Steve Hatherley and I am interested making a bid to do the
                                    design for your site . I am an owner of a small web design start-up
                                    company called "Reflection Technologies, LLC". We specialize in Web
                                    Design and making fun, interactive Wen Applications. We are just
                                    starting out though and are looking for projects.

                                    Our team consists of Myself (Brand Cohesion, Analyst, Project
                                    Coordinator, Application Developer), Dylan Wilkinson (Graphics Artist),
                                    and Jared Allen ( Interactive Components, Web Development, Search
                                    Engine Optimization ). We can rise to meet any challenge using the
                                    latest technology available. I have extensive experience in Web
                                    Application Development using Open Source technology. I also have
                                    several years of experience developing using the .NET framework (both
                                    desktop and web applications). Prior to workign on my own, I worked for
                                    one of Houston's premeir Strategic Marketing Firms - Gelb Consulting
                                    Group, Inc ( ) and have received formal training
                                    in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine / Web Marketing from
                                    Schipul - THE Web Marketing Company ( )

                                    We have been busy building a website for a RE/MAX Platinum real estate
                                    agent here in The Woodlands named Michael Zabrycki. Michael wanted the
                                    site to be classy, simple, and to the point. He had a very specific
                                    vision for the site and we are going to be launching it to the web over
                                    the weekend. You can demo the site here:
                           . If you would like to
                                    give Michael a call he would be more than happy to vouch for our
                                    services (Cell: 832.628.2206)

                                    Dylan is a very talented artist with a lot of high quality printed
                                    material in circulation. He has worked for Gulf States Toyota on their
                                    marketing campaign for the Toyota Tundra. His resume is available upon
                                    request and you can view his online design portfolio

                                    We have flexible pricing structures and can provide as much (or little)
                                    site as you like, in any style. Our standard package consist of a 2
                                    page templates (Home & Interior page), Contact form, Your choice of
                                    special effects such as Iphone style cover flow photo albums, light
                                    boxes, etc, as well as ongoing SEO & Monthly Site maintenance
                                    starting at just $750. We can integrate with any CMS or eCommerce
                                    solution. You will have to excuse our (admittedly bad) existing company
                                    website. We are in the process of launching a new, cleaner design in
                                    conjunction with Michael's website.

                                    We would greatley appreciate the opporunity to speak with you about working together.


                                    Steve Hatherley II
                                    Project Coordinator

                                    Reflection Technologies, LLC
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                                      freedemo Adventurer
                                      Congratulations on your new clothing business.

                                      Intelligent Design is a web development company specializing
                                      in helping entrepreneurs like you establish a professional,
                                      affordable web presence.

                                      Since you have an ecommerce business, I just thought our
                                      standard web package would be perfect for you. The package
                                      includes a 2,000 product catalog with PayPal, Google Checkout,
                             more. We even offer free unlimited tech support.

                                      We'd like to show you what we can do! I'm inviting you to visit our
                                      website and sign up for the free demo. There is no cost or obligation.

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                                        smallbiz4u Wayfarer
                                        We are the right place for you. Feel free to take a look at our company profile:

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                                          VarlooDesign Wayfarer
                                          You've gotten a lot of replies already, but I'm in Charlotte, NC. My site is


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                                            gregorycg Newbie

                                            I can help you with your website design. I own a web design company in Houston Texas. Please check out
                                            My pricing is very reasonable and I work until you are 100% satisfied.
                                            Thank you,

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                                              interspirepro Wayfarer
                                              If your budget is very limited, you can try freelance sites such as,, elance, or even digitalpoint and craigslist. Many talented designers may be looking for work during these tough times.
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                                                designpeople Wayfarer
                                                Dear Ms Boss,

                                                This is to introduce to you our company The Design People. We specialize in developing and designing websites for established and new companies. We have been in the business for 10 years now and have built a reliable system that provides you with 24/7 support even after we have built and launched your website.

                                                We can make any custom website to spec but we also have some template sites for new businesses for those who have a limited budget. We will tailor fit any of these templates to your company's look a specifications.

                                                Please do check out our website at : /

                                                Call me for a FREE CONSULTATION!


                                                Merci Lim
                                                Account Executive
                                                The Design People Business Division
                                                1-800-850-7707 x 331
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                                                  intellivolve Newbie

                                                  Ms Bos:

                                                  Before you start on your selection you should consider the following:


                                                  Plan, Plan, Plan
                                                  Register you own URL. That way you protect you self from someone else holding you hostage by them owning your URL. I have a few horror stories on this topic.
                                                  Go in with a plan when talking to your potential web designer/developer.
                                                  Know what type of navigation you would like to use
                                                  Do you have a logo?
                                                  What types of images would you like to use?# or know photographer this maybe a way to go.
                                                  Are you looking a one person shop or a company that has multiple skill sets? Below I few skill sets that you may need:

                                                  Web designer
                                                  Web developer
                                                  Search Engine Optimization Specialist


                                                  Do your research on you competitors. Who are they? Local? National? International?

                                                  What do you like about their sites?
                                                  Look at the site's navigation?
                                                  Look at the text (who's going to write yours?


                                                  Make sure you have a contract/agreement before you start anything. Check their references?
                                                  Make sure you site is compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari.
                                                  Make sure you receive all master files once your site is completed. Add this to you contract.


                                                  This may help save a little $$$.

                                                  Have fun & good luck,


                                                  Below please find a link if you have any questions for me:

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                                                    bisu82 Wayfarer
                                                    Hi Ms_Boss,

                                                    If you are looking still for tour website design.Then you can surly contact me.We are a Bangalore based company having very good presence in UK and other parts.Have a dedicated team of software devolpment.

                                                    You can contact me on my phone.. (+91) 9663302317 or you can mail me .So that I can forward you my total presence and about my company overview.