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    Hotel Lawsuit

    festiv Newbie
      Good Evening,

      My organization has an annual event where we sometimes have a 'host hotel'. During our contract with this hotel we had a deadline to release the rooms back into the system for others to purchase. The hotel gave me an extension after considerable confusion regarding our rooms. Apparently, one system said we were sold out and another said we weren't. Either way, on the day of our deadline extension ending the rooms were released back into the system. Several days later, after the event manager had spoken to me consistently regarding our event menu, I get a call regarding a potential lawsuit for unpurchased rooms. They have given me 24 hours to rent the rest of my rooms or face legal action.

      What should be my next step? What type of lawyer should I obtain?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Hotel Lawsuit, Welcome

          Who are you?? and Where are you??

          You do NOT have much time. You should obtain the BEST Lawyer available.
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            DomainDiva Ranger

            Your problem seems to stem from the bad IT/reservation/booking domain/system that the hotel is using. Do you have all of your documentation? If so then you can start building your case to take to your attorney.

            Next, if you contact them, do not be nice. Explain to them that their 'system' is actually two systems. The person calling you is looking at one system. This is the 'system' that companies use to collect from and harass consumers. Trust me every company has one and it does not agree with the 'other system' which has 'the truth' in it somewhere. The person that called you has acess only to that system and not the entire system.

            Call the event manager you were dealing with and tell her in no uncertain terms that you as a customer are very disappointed with the way THEY have handled your account. Talk to the hotel manager and file a complaint with the home office if the hotel is part of a national chain.

            You can go to your states attorney database and get some names of attorneys.

            Keep us posted please
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                festiv Newbie
                You go DomainDiva!

                Last night when I originally posted this thread I was in an uproar. I couldn't believe what was happening. I emailed the Board of Directors of the company. By AM they all knew who I was. Just moments ago I was reassured in writing that I would NOT be charged for the rooms. It pays to know your rights and to do your homework.Thank God!