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    what's the answer

    clamps4U Wayfarer
      what the answer. When you know you have a product that will save lives. And you know it will.
      I have a product that will prevent needle sticks accidents, it is tool, simply more control during the procedure.
      The problem is I have to break the habit and the taboos that surround this topic. Find investors, find a business partner, find money to stay alive.
      Here's my disadvantages. $1000 income, disabled just slows me up. And here's my advantages. Determined, persistent, trustworthy married 31 years, and I just seem to see things that are needed. The product itself is simple, it only takes a second to use, and it can change the whole outcome. You heard this last year about the hospital. I won't say which one that has over 8600 contaminated people. I believe this product if it was implemented by now. Would have prevented the majority of this. I've had so many surgeries. I've seen this the way they handle the medications and syringes. It's usually in a basket or a box Or laying loose in the cabinet where anybody can handle it the more it's handled, the more chance for staff infection and other diseases.
      Anyway, I'm at the point where I might lose my house. Where do you draw the line. I have a 20 year patent, FDA has done, working on Medicaid and Medicare.
      currently working on a new business plan. how much detail does an investor really want? because if this is done right, this business will grow so fast it's hard to give futures on something that depends on so many variables. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. I don't want to tell somebody. It will work, in less I know it for sure...
      e-mails are tough for me, both elbows have been shattered. So if you want to call me that is fine to 605-446-3930
      Where do I go from here? Lance