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    Sales Soar with Email Innovation

    24Conference Newbie
      With the economy shrinking, everyone is scrambling to boost sales anyway they can. But consumers are closing their wallets in hopes of riding out the storm making it more difficult for small businesses to survive. In addition, postage and printing are going up again and conventional marketing tactics are not getting the return on investment as in past years.

      During times like these, something new always comes along that changes the way we think about selling products and services.

      And that something has just been invented -- it's called Video Email.

      Video email is making a cold medium, hot! And it's being adopted quickly by both large and small business for various purposes -- everything from product sales to training. It is particularly effective for leaders in network marketing companies to personally communicate with their downlines.

      There are three reasons why this new technology is going to create a paradigm shift in sales programs:

      1) Webinars have grown popular over the years, but they always involve having prospects or customers show up at a website at a certain time. With video email that's no longer the case. Now prospects and customers can see everything at their convenience whenever they open up their email.

      2) It's cheap to get started. You only need a $25 desktop webcam and microphone. No software to buy. You just rent the service on a month to month basis.

      3) You can include PowerPoint presentations and graphics as well.

      Want to know what a Video Email looks like? Click here: