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    Need information on securing financing for starting a bakery

    ceolivari Newbie

      I am looking to open up a custom cake shop in my area. There is no one in this area with this kind of business and I know that the clientele will come. I've been making cakes for friends and family and have been doing really well with referrals and such. I have a website: and I know I have a good product. I have everything set to go, with the exception of the money. I have about $30k of my own money, but it's not nearly enough to get started. Is there anyone out there who can help me by giving me any information that I can use to get started. I know I need a business and marketing plan. I've been advertising via, google ads, and word of mouth. This is all that I can afford at the moment, but the business that it brings is great! I would love any financial info, anyone willing to working with me on a business and marketing plan, and I'd LOVE to hear from any investors.