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    curtdwin Newbie
      I own a full janitorial biz and i need to in corp. quickly its growing and i have limited funds any ideas? Thank you. curtis
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          bmt2008 Adventurer
          Lots of resources and advice online. Just search for "incorporate my business." I personally like Low price and good service. Can be done quickly.

          Ask about the difference between a C-corp, a S-corp, and an LLC. The C-corp has a lot of requirements that you might not like or need - e.g. payroll (as you will be an employee of the company), taxation and annual meetings. A S-corp limits some of these requirement and offers the same legal protections. A LLC offers the same protections and you probably could operate the business as you have in the past - thus less overall changes.

          Just some thoughts

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            In Corporation, Welcome Curtis

            As the owner of a Janitorial biz you should have both an Accountant and a Lawyer.

            Good luck
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