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      I have developed a new state of the art reality cooking show unlike anything out there. It involves the whole country and not just major markets. There are 4 concepts to the bussiness model and deal with clothing. I have a major investor for 25%. However I need a additional $30,000 for web design and clothing. The pilot will be taped this month, the 19th in New York. I have a production company,clothing designer,web designer. The production company has 6 major networks interested. They await the pilot. This is so different and will create a buz and a positive growth aspect in our countrys time of need. It will create people being involved in food and TV and be much like a sporting event.

      My e-mail is

      You will have to see this to believe it. Serious investor will recieve percentages from the show and clothing,which will all be on a serious national level.
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          Based on your post, it seems you are all over the place. If you are really looking for a investor(s) - write you post more for them. e.g. what returns can they expect? What ownership do they get for their investment? Talk more about the network and their willingness or concerns regarding approving your pilot.

          If you are having a hard time finding an investors, my company might be able help find the money you need. In my profile, you will find a link to my website. The site lists several options for new businesses seeking capital and provides search capabilities to find lenders who offer these services.

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              I don't understand what you mean ALL OVER THE PLACE. My posting is a mere analogy of my concept. If you are truly interested then you should call me at 208.459.2745.

              Ownership for investor will be based on percentages of the first show and the second show as well as the clothing line and web page. Those percentages will have to be determined through legal counsil and the offers from the network. As far a networks goes 7 are very interested! They await a pilot. They also have seen the other aspects of the business model and approve of these as well. Concerns are How do you stablelize cash in and cash out. Mostly with the clothing line all 4 aspects of the business model feed off each other if one suffers the others will aid in keeping the models balanced.


              Look forward to speaking with you

              Robert Jensen
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                  Did not mean to offend. Just trying to say how I see it. I realize these forums don't allow for much of a in-depth analysis.


                  Just from reading your post, I felt that it was all over the place. Thanks for clearing that up.


                  I just wanted to provide a little advice. You should be able to receive a lot of good advice here and possibly find the investor(s) you are looking for.


                  Best of luck, if there is anything more that I can do, please feel free to contact me or post in this forum.
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                      Thanks bmt do you see anything else I should do to get more hits or intrest??
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                          You are running out of time if your shoot is in a few weeks. Not much time for an investor to do due dilligence. If you only need $30K might try to find it another way just to get through the pilot - You can still seek an investor - then when the investor funds you can pay back the $30K.

                          Have you looked locally? Network where you can get face-to-face very quickly. This might be your best chance.

                          In regards to pitching your investment - focus on three things:

                          1) Your experience - investors invest in people not ideas - becuase it is the people that take an idea to fruition - not the other way around - focus on your experience and the experience of your team.
                          2) Always tell a potential investor what their return will be and when they will get it. This draws their attention. Then back it up with hard facts.
                          3) Show results - really go into the deals that are possible with the networks and how interested they are.

                          Remember, like this forum, you only have limited space or time. Focus on getting their attention - and getting it fast.

                          Just some thoughts.
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                    I may be able to help you , do you take credit cards, whats your credit card gross monthly,
                    Are you processing $3,500 a month in Visa/MC and, are you leasing?


                    Raymont Jones