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    Bluetooth Marketing System Newbie
      Bluetooth marketing has been around for almost a decade now; and it has recently become very popular worldwide.

      Technically, the single most important contributing factor is that Bluetooth has become the standard in most mobile phones. It was 4 years ago when Bluetooth became an essential feature on newly released phones and now is the time whereby almost every user would have an Bluetooth-enabled phone, given that people upgrade their handsets every 2 to 4 years.

      There is a huge potential to be taped with such a large audience, and a Bluetooth marketing campaign can only take off if there are tangible benefits to be reaped. So, what are these?

      Bluetooth marketing enables its audience to keep the campaign's details conveniently, without holding on to extra pieces of items.

      Other than these benefits, one can now expand his advertising possibilities and utilize new media formats such as interactive games, wallpapers etc and distribute them at no per-content cost.

      Tapping on these advantages of Bluetooth marketing, campaign owners will be more effective in conveying their messages across to their targeted audiences. It will be a matter of time before Bluetooth marketing reaches its full fledge, to become as commonly used as its printed counterpart in public places.

      For a low cost complete Bluetooth marketing system you can visit where a turnkey solution starts at only $149. The cost is a one time fee with no per month or per message charges!