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    Top Search Engine Placement – An Extraordinary Close-up on

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      Let's crawl on your company's site!

      Let's assume I am a crawler robot, painfully surfing the web, craving to rank as many web pages as I can. I concede top search engine placement to those sites that conform some postulates.

      Ok, here's your website. I just followed someone else's hyperlink that pointed to a page in the site. Well done! Your site is a bit sought-after!

      Tip: The more the hyperlinks directing to your web pages, the sooner I can find them and the bigger your odds of achieving top search engine placement.

      Ok, now what's next? Oh, yeah! I'll go read robots.txt. There... You ask me to skip your "delicate matters". That's ok.

      Now, I download the html of the page. Wait! Sending your page to my index... Ready!

      Next, I need to make one more decision: Where to go from here? Are you getting it? That is all a web bot like me does, choosing which hyperlink to follow, visiting the site and downloading copies of pages. The indexing and analysis tasks are left to my brothers, Ranking and Indexing.

      Yet, in order for you to grasp how to get to top search engine placement, I will try a page analysis (ok?). I noticed small coding errors. Probably, you didn't validate your page. That's ok; nobody is perfect, although... Don't be amazed if my brother, Indexing Bot, ignored the section with your impressive copy after an invalid tag! A bot can't care less if, while trying to get to top search engine placement, you inserted a 2.1% key word density. Your erroneously coded html has gone. Got it? A trivial mistake and your keywords evaporate!

      Tip: you'll have more chances to gain top search engine placement if you get rid of those small errors. Validate your markup.

      I noticed there were a few hyperlinks in your page. Good. I will verify if I already visited the first hyperlink; if i didn't, I will follow it.

      Tip: Include links. That is the very essentia of the Internet. We bots crave hyperlinks. The way to top search engine placement is in the links, inbound and outbound hyperlinks.

      I didn't see any key words in your hyperlinks, though. What a crime. How can you expect to accomplish top search engine placement if you neglect opportunities?

      The title does not include important key words. I did not find a H1 tag, either. That is wrong. Top search engine placement heavily relies on such tags. They are extremely important for us spider robots, especially for Indexing and Ranking robots.

      Tip: You can get affordable SEO and reach top search engine placement for some key words by including them in the title tag as well as in the headings.

      Well, that'll be all. I have work. There are so many hyperlinks waiting for a crawler to acknowledge them... Hope you learned some inside know-how to top search engine placement. Happy rankings.

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