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    HR Issue Concerning a Contract

    coleman63 Wayfarer
      My bounus pay was based on if the company as a whole made profits over an X amount for the month, everyone including, would make a bounus. My bounus was tiered so the more they made the more my bounus would have been.

      When I asked what the companies magic number to meet in order to get to the first tier, they told me that was none of my business. So, I didn't know what numbers had to be met so I didn't get any bounus the whole time. I was even told by one of the three owners they had met bounus levels and made money several of those months.

      After I started asking for the monthly numbers and wanting to know about what number had to be met, I was fired.

      Any Advise!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Your profile says you're in NC. If that's correct and you don't believe you were properly or lawfully compensated, contact your state Department of Labor. If there are other employees who experienced the same "mystery quota" and feel the same way about it, talk to them first and see if they are willing to let you file a complaint on the behalf of all of you. (If multiple employees are complaining about the same issue, it generally gets prompt and serious attention.) Good luck.
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              coleman63 Wayfarer
              Thank you for the response. I will try the Labor Board first. My position as was a Specification Consultant for Voice and Data/Fiber Optics. I was employed by a Manufacture's Rep Agency where the only people that worked there was the three owners and one of their wifes. I do have a contract which clearly spells out the pay and bonus plan.

              I will probably have to get a lawyer. Do you know any good ones in the Charlotte, NC area.