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    Interested in working from home?

    desiad521 Newbie
      There are no secrets to getting hired for a Work at home job, Ive been working at home for months.-When I first started Searching for a Work At Home Job it was Very frustrating and complicated because I knew I would have to weed out all the "bad guys." Also known as the "scams." But within a month I found my self working from Home a Full 40 hours while still being able to enjoy the luxury of sitting in my own living room. For All You people that are reading this right now going "Yeah Right!" I want you to check out the resource that "Lead me down the Yellow Brick Road."This e-Book, Lead me on the path to success. I am currently working 40 hours a week right from home. This e-book contains everything from resume building templates and where to look for jobs to what office equipment you should consider and where to get it all. The best part is it's continually updated with more ideas an advice. -The database has at least 3,000 work from home resources listed in categories so it's easy to search for work that interests you. They say they update it continuously and it's true, I've seen it for
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          Blaque Adventurer

          I call "Scam" on this one, If it was legit you wouldn't have to reply to your own post

          desiad521 and TheDude80 is the same person


          You shouldn't have to pay for job listings

          "The Jobs Based From Home e-book is just $39.95 and your password protected access to the Jobs Based From Home Database of Jobs is only $19.95 per month (with your first month FREE.) "
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              TheDude80 Newbie
              I have to correct you that desiad521 and I are not the same person, I don't know who desiad521 is. You can ask the moderator/admin to confirm that there is no way we're the same person.
              I personally have had postive experiences with Jobs Based From Home. They have amazing customer support and have a 100% money back guarantee. Every time I have contacted them they were helpful and provided excellent service. A scam would never provide this much support.
              Sorry, but you're barking up the wrong tree.
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                  desiad521 Newbie
                  Okay , Now back to where we were before we were accused of being the same person, eh. How is everything going for you ?
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                      TheDude80 Newbie
                      The Database is huge and amazing. I am still looking over it and finding more places to apply everyday. It is super helpful to have it all in one place. I have not contacted customer service, but would like to ask you if it is true that they have good customer service? Can I contact them anytime with help? And does Jobs Based From Home really have 100% success guaranteed? Thanks for your time.
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                          desiad521 Newbie
                          Hey Dude,
                          JBFH Has excellent customer service they offer live chat , email , and phone options. You can most definetly contact them anytime for help. There are so many more resources for help also . There is a JBFH Blog here---) <a href="">Jobs Based From Home Official Blog</a> and there is also a Forum Here---) <a href=""> And yes JBFH Does have 100% success guaranteed, that you will have all the resources for finding a job with the ebook and database that after you apply for 5 jobs that you are qualified for, and you do not receive a position, simply all they ask is that you mail them 3 application confirmations from employers that you applied to and they will refund you the complete cost of the book also they let you keep the book to secure a position in the future.

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                    PajamaMan07 Newbie

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