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    Are You Being Creative?

    Rick Tillman Newbie

      Our economy his taken some hits, but its not the end of the world. You just have become creative or figure our a way to have a sale:


      For example; we reevaluated our purchasing on select green coffee beans with our brokers, which allowed us to reduce our current prices from $14.99 to $11.99 per pound on most of our specialty coffees and blends. And unlike a retail grocery store where they sell you 12 ounces of coffee due to shelf space. We ship a full Freshly Roasted 16 ounces giving you more bang for your bucks, making this a gourmet coffee lovers dream.


      Would you like to use us to help you market your busines? Its simple, if you gave someone a pound of gourmet coffee that featured Your Business Name, Logo and Contact information. Now you're advertising to them 24 hours a day, not just because the coffee is sitting on the kitchen counter, the aroma will surround the home.


      Please share your creative ideas and visit us