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    Easy Way to Restart the American Economy

    jados89 Adventurer
      My 6 Simple Steps To Restart the American Economy (Start from the Bottom and Let the Money make its way up.)

      1) Start a Home Based Business, the best Kind is one that makes money even when you are not there. (GBG for Example )

      2) Teach Others to Do the Same

      3) If You have Debt (No New spending if you have any debts), Pay it off using the Residual income from the Home Based Business.

      4) Again Teach Others to Do the Same

      5) Once all Debts, let me say it again Once All DEBTS are Paid off, Take the Residual Income Go Out to Eat, buy something American Made, when you are going out to eat and going shopping only spend money that you have, and live without. Do not buy anything on Credit, Let me say it again Do not buy Anything on Credit. That is one of the main reasons that we are in a Bad Recession is that too many people Relied on Credit Cards or took out Loans they knew they could not pay back.

      6) When you are Debt Free and Can live off what is coming in from your Home Based Business ( ) you can look at becoming Job Optional. By Becoming Job Optional you now have created a job open as well and someone that is unemployed can then fill that job.

      In closing I'll leave you a quote from Robert Kiyosaki, "Don't work for money; make it work for you." Go out and Build a Successful Home Based Business ( ) and Go Stimulate the Economy.

      David Jados | GBG Independent Representative |