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    Looking for cash to expand

    cmingo Newbie
      I'm looking for $75,000 to expand my catering business. I would like to lease an historical home in the Phoenix metro area to hold weddings and other events. The old house used to be a restaurant, so no major changes are needed. I have already been in contact with the representing party and have come to a leasing rate of $3500 per month with them. I currently provide the catering for another facility and the food alone comes to $4000 an event. Can't get a bank to talk to me until 2yrs.

      A little info about myself and my current business. A have been a chef for more than 10 yrs. My catering business is almost 2yrs old. We have no debt in the business. We funded the catering business through our savings. I own my home. We wife still works a full time job. Our credit score is mid to hi 700. The only problem is we have about $5000 in our personal account.

      If some could let me know of any options or need further info, I would appreciate it.