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    Improve Search Engine Ranking - 8 Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

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      Do Inbound links-. Improve search engine ranking by disseminating incoming links. For instance, employ article syndication in order to distribute helpful notes akin to the knowledge sphere of the website you want to rank better. As the champion search engine, Google, matured PageRank based on the amount of links pointing to a website, you cannot afford to disregard foreign links.

      Adequate Use of Title Tags-. Improve search engine ranking by including relevant keywords in the TITLE tag. Those same keywords will appear first in the search results.

      Key Words in your Hyperlinks-. The website will improve search engine ranking if external links have included your key words. If you have a blog with a permalink attribute, make sure you provide fixed links with keywords. Given the nature of a weblog, a post will not be there again for user who have bookmarked it while the post was still in your homepage. Permalinks are links that ensure the user she will find again a post that has been archived.
      In like manner, when when submitting syndication content, check if you have included your keywords in the links.

      Content-Rich Site-. Another wise move to improve search engine ranking is having a useful website. Afterwards, you want to improve search engine ranking because you have a specific customer in mind. That customer is looking for info and will land your website either if that information is relevant or if your pages are filled with hocus-pocus with the aim of hacking search engines. Which one will be most rewarding for a long buyer relationship?


      Heavy Key Word Density-. Your site won't improve search engine ranking because you distributed gazillions of keywords in your content. Instead, if your keywords have a density bigger than 3%, your site will rank lower in Google. A three percent density in an average 350-word article means that, at most, your article can have your keyword ten times. Keyword density, when below 3%, will drastically improve search engine ranking.

      Forgetting Page Validation-. Make sure to validate every single page supposed to be public. Search engine rawlers will easily find your pages and your site will hardily improve search engine ranking if they have legitimate code. On the other hand, an invalid code could "disconcert" a webcrawler. Use the code "validator" at for both your css and html code. It is a free and very simple to use tool.

      Lots of Graphics-. Search engines read text. It will take time to learn how to handle text embedded in graphics. For now, you should improve search engine s if you put aside those cool animations.

      Leaving Blank ALT Attributes in IMG Tags-. Yep, we both know you are sick of having to fill attributes in the image tag; but think again: you can improve search engine ranking a little bit if you do fill them. Some users query the image search services provided by some engines.

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