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    HELP! Employer Will Not Give Me a Paystub

    coleman63 Wayfarer
      Can anyone tell me about what I should about me employer refusing to give me a paystub!

      They told me my direct deposit was my paystub. All this tells me is how much I made.

      If anyone has some guidence on this matter, please let me know.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Employer Will Not Give Me a Paystub

          Mike, Talk to your Accountant, Employer's Accountant, Your Lawyer or State Wage and Hour Board.

          Good luck
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              dublincpa Scout
              Are you a true employee vs. independent contractor?

              If you are a true employee, follow Luckiest's instructions.

              If you are an independent, they would just give you a 1099 at the end of the year to report what they paid. Throughout the year, keeping track is your problem.

              Is the amount you are receiving equal to the agreed upon rate times the number of hours with no deductions for taxes? If so, your employer is treating you like an independent contractor.

              If that is what is happening and you didn't agree to it, isn't your understanding or what have you, follow Luckiest's instructions.

              Good luck.
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                  coleman63 Wayfarer
                  Thanks for your reply. I was an employee of the company and just recieved my W2 in the mail today. The problem is how would I know if everything was correct? I guess you are woundering why I didn't address this issue before now. Actually I asked the adminstrator ( one of the owners wife's) several times and was told "your direct deposit slip is your paystub and that is the way it is".

                  After I bucked the whole paystub deal I started asking why I wasn't getting the bounus on months that the company made money, which was in our contract. It was told to me that those numbers were none of my business. It also would have been great if they would have actually told me where the bounus table even started.

                  Another classic example of companies taking advantage of their employees.

                  Well, you can guess what happened next! Yep! you guessed it!

                  "Your Fired"! "It's just not working out"