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    Architect vs. interior designer vs. design & build

    teacup Wayfarer

      I need an interior designer and need to knock down a few interior walls. This is not my subject matter expertise so am a bit confused of all the options out there - is an interior designer typically authorized to make such structural recommendations or do I need to bring in an architect to produce accurate sketches & dimensions? Also, I noticed that some firms are design & build vs. just hiring a designer and then hiring a contractor. What are the pros & cons? Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. My mind is spinning with all these options.
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          Marzipan Wayfarer
          To my knowledge, an interior designers expertise can include making recommendations on removing non-load barring walls and will produce dimensions of the space. But ultimately a certified architect is the only one that can produce "official" measurements & blueprints to be presented to the city for approval. I'd recommend you calling the city to find out if an architect is needed based on your planned renovations. Also, it may depend on if you are making significant changes in an existing vs. new space, and if it's a new space if it's been zoned for your intended use? Yes, I am assuming? A certified architect for sketches will definitely add more expense to your improvements, so I'd urge you to find out if one is required. A design & build firm does exactly that - they will play the role of designer and contractor and they usually have certified architects in the company.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Before knocking down a "few interior walls" you will need a structural assesment to determine which walls are load bearing walls. If you have the original blueprints an architect can answer that question in a short amount of time.

            Knocking down a few walls, one or more being load bearing walls, with the help of a designer for 'design changes' could make for a really flat structure later on. (As in falling down). Be careful!
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Teacup, About a month ago, you posted a question "Architect vs. interior designer vs. designer"
              This is a follow up. Have you gotten enough info and guidence??
              Have you progressed into the next phase and started knocking down walls??
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