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    Need advice on how to identify a good & reputable designer?

    teacup Wayfarer
      I am looking for new space for my business, and will be in the need of hiring an interior designer. Does anyone have experience working with an interior designer for a business? What criteria should I used to select a reputable one?
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          BDS INC Adventurer

          Ask for references and to see samples of their work. While they likely won't tell you exactly how much a certain client spent on design they should be able to give you a range. For instance if they showed you work they've done on a particular client, they will likely say this job is one of my higher end jobs, it will likely cost you at least 50,000 for something like this or this is one of my lower end jobs it will likely cost you no more than 10,000.

          They should also be able to explain to you, why they choose certain things for an interior. Like we will paint the walls yellow because it puts people in positive moves or we need lots of red because it is condusive to sales, etc.

          I owned a clothing store about 7 years ago and had a designer come in to help us build a space that would be inviting for people to browse and shop. I went to 4 designers before I found someone that had designed a retail store and showed me samples that I believe made sense for my business.
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              dragonflii Newbie
              tea cup,,, i am looking for some advice on clothing,, i see you have experience and i was wondering if i could draw on that experience. I have a small boutique in mass, and i want to start my own clothing line,, or branded labeled stuff. i would like to find a manufacturer that will label jeans,,ive found manufacterers over seas, but they want orders of at least 1000,,, i need short runs to start and build off of,,, any advice on branding my own merchandise?

              Tim Lanfair
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                CMakElegance Newbie

                I'm looking to start my own maternity clothing lines. The problem is I don't have money to start and also still have no clue where to begins such as finding manufacturers etc. I was thinking to open a website and carry somebody else clothing lines first untill I have some money come in and also experience then really start pursuing my dream.

                Since you have been in the business, please give me some advice and let me know what do you think about my plan .

                Thanks in advance for your help,
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    advice on how to identify a good & reputable designer, Welcome

                    Tell us more. Who are you?? Where are you??

                    How soon are you planning on starting your own maternity line??

                    Do you have a Business Name?? Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE

                    Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                        CMakElegance Newbie
                        Hi Luckiest,

                        Thanks for responding to my email.

                        Yes, I have a business name already. It is EleganceMaternity, LLC. I'm located in Arizona.
                        My plan is to design maternity clothes such as tops, dresses , pants, skirts for now. I'm not so good at drawing but I can draw. The problem is the $ and also I need to find a local manufacturer that can make all these clothes and does not have a min order requirement since my capital is very small.

                        No, I don't know about SCORE. Please tell me more.

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                    DustinSteller Wayfarer
                    It is important to make sure that they are comfortable working with the style and direction you want to head towards, as well.


                    Also, in case you haven't thought of might consider watching some of those DIY Network shows that deal with interior makeovers. I know I have watched a couple of those that hired interior designers and gave tips on what to look for.