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    Disabled Veteran Seeking Funding for Gov't Contract

    electrified1 Newbie
      Hello Fellow Entrepeneurs-

      I recently brought my Diabled-Veteran owned business, Triton Electrical Contractors, Inc. on the Governments' web site indicating my interests in some contracts that provide set-aside's for Disabled Veteran companies and I have had a tremendous amount of inquiries from other contractors wanting to partner up. Initally, my intent was to utilize my own financial abilities to move forward slowly, but now I see the potential for strong growth with a little asistance from a financial institution. There is, on average, one or two a week postings on this web site seeking DVBE set asides and I am willing, able, and availble to pursue some of these contracts.

      I am currently writing a business plan and seeking other lending instruments, but I thought I would post this request and see if anyone had any other thought or reccomendations. Additionally, private funding is always welcome.

      Thank you.

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          bmt2008 Adventurer

          These inquiries - are they looking to use you to gain access to contracts or are they offering you contracts.


          If they are offering you contracts, you can finance your business with these contracts. There are companies that will provide you funding to complete the contract - solely based on the strength of the company behind the contract. You can get funds to purchase supplies and materials or even labor.


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