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    I want to open a bakery

    happy20s Newbie

      Here is the thing! I have totally no clue how to open a bakery!
      I'm totally lost, I don't know if I need to open the company before, if I need to find the place before or take the licenses.
      I'M DESPERATE.!!!!!
      I have experince in bakery business, I mean I know how to run the bakery, talking about food, prodution etc....
      But I don't know how to start, with the bureaucratic part what cames first.
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            MrCrusty Wayfarer
            Every body starting a bakery should always start with the business plan. That is stage zero before starting stage one.

            This is like you dig the foundation of a building. You then move on to building your structure. (what you want to make)

            You add the doors, (How much money), windows, (Is there a market for what you make)
            and of course a roof (what equipment will I need).

            Once you have the foundation, the walls, windows, doors and roof on you can then look for the equipment to make your products.

            Now you have a business plan, you know what products to make and you now know what equipment will be needed to accomplish the production.

            Now you can look for a space big enough to house that equipment.

            At any time through these previous stages you can register as a business. Because you decided within the business plan whether you will be a Sole Proprietor, A Partnership or a Corporation. (Legal entity)

            If you ned to check with an accountant or legal professional before you decide.

            Once you are at the stage where you want to start on the building phase (bricks&mortor) You need to apply for a building permit which will involve your building plans. (phyical building drawings)

            Then at that time register for your business license (Different from your legal entity)

            Order your equipment to arrive when the building is finished.

            Test the equipment.

            Open your business and start earning money.

            The Crusty Baker has been a professional baker for over 50 years, has opened several bakeries. Manager many more. Trained countless employees in baker production technigues. Operated manufacturing bread plants. Had a home based wedding cake business over the years and written a book on how to start a bakery.

            For more info go to
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              MrCrusty Wayfarer
              I love it when i see people wanting to open a business in my profession. I have been in the bakery trade for 53 years and actually started by cleaning baking pans next to a handicap person employed to do that job. I then worked my way up from pan cleaner dogsbody, to table-hand, to oven man, to dough maker, to stock control and then to foreman in a bread plant.

              From there up to bakery manager. My first bakery that I started was the Stairway bakery in England, then assisted in opening two bakeries for Tesco's also in England.

              After that it was to open my own bakery which i purchased in a bankruptcy and deplorable condition. In year one we made an unheard of profit. Our landlord closed us down to remodel his building and i then took all our equipment in completely remodeled a derilict building and successfully recreated our bakery. Which though i sold it last year, ran for eight years and is still operational.

              I wanted to tell that story so you know what my qualifications are not to brag although blowing one's own trumpet never hurts.

              The very first thing you need to do is to make a plan. This called a business plan. It is where you put down all your thoughts and requirements. Where you plan the design of your bakery.

              By addressing the business plan first, you know what products you will make and then know what equipment is required to maker them. Aftter that you need to put onto paper the layout of the bakery and how much and where to put the power outlets. You will also know how many staff you will need as well as how much to py that employee.

              You could also go to http://how-to-start-a-bakery,com where you can get some really good information from the guy who has worked in just about every position that is in a bakery.