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    Marketing Landscape upscale/ resort customer market

    Landpro Newbie
      What is the best way to market services in an upscale resort market when most of the clients are seasonal absent / owners?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Marketing Landscape, Welcome Richard

          Great question. It sounds like you need a Marketing Plan.

          The first idea that comes to mind would be a Marketing letter that you send to absentee clients as well as your other clients, not only listing your services but picking one of your more exciting projects and hi lighting that project as to the type of work you do perform and what you are capable of doing (if money is not a factor)..

          You can follow up the Marketing letter with seasonal tips.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Analysight Newbie



            Do you have a published list of the owners of the homes? If so, direct mail would work very well. If not, you might need to create your own prospect list using a combination of past customers, checking newspapers in the resort area for real estate transactions, and going to the resort area's county clerk's office to determine the owners of those properties. Then try to locate the owner's primary addresses, and then send them direct mail.


            Another approach would be to identify the most heavily trafficked time for that resort area and placing flyers on cars, with a reply card and phone number they can call. You can also place similar flyers on garage doors in the area during peak season. Those who reply will be people you can add to your prospect list, for more targeted direct marketing efforts. Billboard, cable television, and radio advertising should also work in this circumstance.


            In all your communications, stress the benefits that these frequent absentee owners will enjoy by using your services - having a well-maintained resort property waiting for them when they return after being gone for several months; or having a beautifully-manicured property that is so appealing they can rent it out to others during the peak season when they themselves are absent.


            And always keep track of how your prospects found you, so that you can identify the media that work best and maximize your future marketing performance.
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              KatsVoice Newbie
              It would help to know what type of service you're offering.

              What comes to mind to start would be to market to them where they live....I wouldn't limit your efforts to snail mail, but may recommend utilizing snail mail to offer your clients a reason to "log on" and "subscribe" to your newletter services.

              Some ideas that have worked for other companies:

              "What's Going On...Newsletter" Highlighting local news as well as reasons to remember your services...
              "Monthly Contests"
              Spotlights on Homes or Residents,.....such as "Best Gardens", "Best Holiday Decorations", "Best Community Organizer" . Special Interest Stories...ALL with including subtle advertising on YOU the sponser.

              However, it REALLY would help to know more in order to offer better advice.
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