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    Project financing help

    Lingzing Newbie
      We are a smal business who has secured a large contract for staffing services at an oil refinery. We are looking for capital to cover payroll until AR comes in. Our customer will not factor due to previous problems with a dummy factoring company. In other words, payment must come to my company not a third party.

      We need in the area of 600K to cover what we cant with our own sources. Credit score of 790.

      Any ideas?
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          barterbroker Wayfarer


          Please call or email me:


          David Butts
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Project financing help, Talk to me

            Who are you, Lingzing?? Where are you and your company located??

            How long has your company been in business?? Do you have an Accountant??

            Can I see prior year tax returns before I mail you $600K

            Again talk to me, LUCKIEST
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              bmt2008 Adventurer

              Don't understand why your customer has anything to do with you factoring your receivables. When you invoice your company - the A/R invoice is yours not your customers. Plus, there are many factoring companies that could set this up without your customer ever knowing you are factoring with the payment going to you.


              How long have you been in business? If more than two years, I know a company that can provide the line of credit you need. The line would be unsecured.


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