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    Florida SMLLC Articles of Orginization  issue

    Davecore Wayfarer
      The florida Articles of Org. is a pretty simple online form that I can fill in and get things done fast. But I have a few questions before I fill it out.

      1. I live in a apartment and don't know if I'll be here in 6 months, is it ok to just use it and change before I move for my business/mailing address? Or should I just get a UPS mailing box that is a real street address? I don't know if I am going to be making much of a profit this year, so less money spent the better.

      2. I think I am going to use since it comes with a one year free and I can cancel if my business doesn't work out how I plan for it. Anyone ever use them? I know its just but a affiliate or something.

      3. To get out of the Florida Default rules for my LLC (e.g. Duration, transfer of ownership etc..) Do I have to create a custom Articles of Org. and then mail it in or can I just put that stuff in my LLC Operating Agreement?

      4. Are estimated quarterly taxes hard to file? What do I do if this is my first year starting and I have no clue what I plan on making, I have a small business plan, but cost/expenses will grossly outweigh my revenue this first year. So will I be writing off taxes. I have a full-time job and will file as a SMLLC (taxed as a sole pro.)