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    inventor looking for key individual

    clamps4U Wayfarer
      disabled inventor Lance Glammeier
      has created a patent pending medical device, which helps prevent accidental
      needle sticks, with simply/more/control. The healthcare market is target one, eventually in every hospital room, globally. I'm looking for that unique individual with working capital and the know-how, dedication, both business and family with the insight to see the value of this device. To make all my inventions profitable. $$$
      As a disabled inventor. I have too many projects going on, currently in Medicaid and Medicare, a study at the University, and other projects I'm working on. I would prefer not to run everyday business. I also realize the magnitude of this business. So again I'm looking for that key individual or individuals.
      You may see this product on my web site these products are more or less prototypes they are just the beginning. The feedback has been excellent!
      Thank you
      serious inquiry may e-mail me at
      please include telephone number. You can be reached