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    Fully Enterprise Level Website Ecommerce For Sale

    NewYorkBBD Newbie

      for serious inquiry only. shareholders problems in current economic env, must sell, any serious $bids are welcome, just give us how much you would pay,we will definitely
      reply you. we provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed FREE1 month trainning, Free
      web presentation layer modification based on your design, FREE 1 week IT works for Optimized modification based on your own requirements.


      1.totally enterprise level website, with all around 300 functions with both web based management and powerful window based applicatioon, 2 years development with at least half milliion$ IT
      expense. it is so easy to use.
      2.5000 active wholesale/retail users, for any kind of products, 100% order management compatible with amazon and ebay.
      3. 2 million$ sales last 2.5year,all transaction docs kept and ready to show you,order size from $100 to $70000, customer from worldwide. only need 2 operation workers, from add products to get payment, real time freight calculation(UPS, Post Office), Shipping Label automatical
      printing, etc, totally automatic. 30% to 200% margin. very few phone calls, all from website.
      4. we have our own problem, if you are interested, email us for more details.
      5. within 200 miles, i could show you the application and from head to toe for FREE.
      this chance exists only in current economic situation.