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    About Business Plans - The Most Important Document You Have


      About Business Plans - The Most Important Document You Have To Present To Investors


      Your business plan is the most important document you have to present to investor prospects and funding sources. Having a professional investor-ready plan is always important but even more important now with current market and economic conditions. In fact having a solid and professional plan is critical to your success in raising capital or finding money or investors for your business.


      An Important Note From Dennis Lowery:


      There are plenty of business plan "writers" that offer "cut-rate" prices who have zero business experience or they outsource the work on your plan to the lowest-cost provider to actually do the work - that's a couple of reasons why they can offer a "cut-rate" price. Often, they load up your plan with standard boiler-plate business plan template wording to make you think you are getting a lot for your money. Investors and funding sources dislike business plans made up with boiler-plate wording that were churned out by "writers" who use business plan templates that fail to address the important things that they want to know about the business and about the principals (people) involved in the business.


      My philosophy on crafting strong business plans and preparing entrepreneurs for what is important regarding their plan, is covered in the following articles on my website. If you get a chance you might want to read these to get a sense of my perspective on the type of business plans that clients really need as opposed to what someone "sells" them at a cut-rate price:

      • The Business Plan You Need, Depends On What You Want
      • What Doesn't Matter And Should Not Be In Your Business Plan
      • The 5 Most Important Things Your Business Plan Should Contain That Investors Want To Read About
      • How To Write A Business Plan That Really Gets Noticed By Investors And Funding Sources
      • The Money Call - You've Prepared Your Plan, Now Prepare Your Self


      We believe that your business plan is too important to short-cut or to do a poor job of it.


      As suitable or applicable for their business, for clients who I help with their business plan, I can also introduce them to my network of 90 professional resources and funding sources with capital available from $100,000 to $20,000,000+.+ I can also offer a payment plan for clients who are on a tight budget that includes some of the payment for the plan coming after they receive funding.


      1. Custom Business Plans - developed from scratch for your business
      2. Business Plan "Makeovers" - we can take your business plan, or draft and refine, polish and ehance it to be a professional-level document
      3. Business Plan Review & Evaluation - We take your existing business plan, read, review and evaluate it and provide a written report back to you that identifies the strengths and any weaknesses that we see in the plan based on our decades of experience. In the evaluation, we will identify those things that should be added to or improved and those things that should have minimal discussion in the plan or in some cases should be removed from the plan that you present to investors or funding prospects. This professional review and feedback will result in strengthening your business plan. And when you are presenting your business to investor prospects and/or funding sources... you want to create a strong first impression ... don't you?

      Here's Some feedback from a couple of my clients:


      From: MH
      To: DMLowery
      Subject: Thank you




      I just wanted you to know that I am very grateful for all the work you did for me. You did a great job on my website and business plan, your work has been above expectation and your price is very reasonable. The funding sources your provided and the information with it are very helpful too.


      I also appreciate your timeliness, kind words, patience and positive attitude; you know those things are helpful for entrepreneurs.


      I will have some projects in the near future that you will help me with and if any one I know wants a website designed or a business plan written or any of the services you provide, I will refer them to you in full confidence knowing you will do an amazing job for them too.


      THANK YOU,


      Messay Haile, CEO
      South Dakota



      From: Josh K
      To: Dennis Lowery
      Subject: Business plan




      Let me begin by saying what an absolute pleasure it has been working with you so far. I have been impressed by you since day one and feel very privileged to have found you. I know without a doubt that my business would not be on the path that it is without you.


      Every step so far you have done exactly what you said you were going to do. I don't know that I have ever worked with anyone as professional as you. You have completely understood my vision from day one and have put my company on the right path for success. I also appreciate all the encouraging words you have given me so far.


      Anyone can attest that starting a business can be a stressful venture with all the uncertainty involved. Having you by my side gives me great confidence in knowing that I have a true experienced professional with me every step of the way. I'd like to think of you not only as a business professional but a mentor and a friend. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me so far and I look forward to building on our relationship in the years to come.


      Many Thanks,


      Josh Kennedy


      Please visit my site: to learn more about me and Information & Services to help you start, fund or buy a business.

      Dennis Lowery
      Adducent, Inc.
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          Molokay Newbie
          Hello. Thank you for posting your website. I can tell you that at first I was a bit skeptical about since you have posted several things that looks like advertising. However, after spending a few minutes I came accross with valuable information, at least for people of my level, starting up.

          I have a question in regards to "The 5 Most Important Thing your Business Plan should Contain" part #3, "Specific Solution for the Market".

          I'm having a bit of difficulties with this as I'm doing just the same thing as others businesses are doing. How can I overcome this part? DO I have to reconsider the business if I can't find an answer for this?


            • Re: About Business Plans - The Most Important Document You Have

              Hi Molokay,

              You're welcome. If you look at this particular forum in this website, you'll notice it is called "Business Classifieds" and Bank of America's Small Business Online Community invites business owners and professionals to market and advertise their products and services here. That is why my posts in this business classifieds forum are geared towards advertising and marketing my services. That is why they look like "advertising".

              Regarding your question: For a business to succeed it needs to be able to compete in its market with specific solution(s). Some of the areas you compete in are:

              • price
              • quality of product/service (better made/provided)
              • superiority of product/service (better solution)
              • or perhaps timeliness (your product/service is faster than the competitions) - even though that may be encompassed by the two preceding points

              If you have a commodity or common type of product/service (nothing special or specific to maket it stand out) and a lot of competition ... you need a lot of marketing muscle (money) to drive customers to you and even then you are always at risk of having a competitor develop something to make it better, cheaper and faster and they take market share from you. To build real value in a business you need to have what professional business buyers and investors call a "defensible position" in your market.

              I can't be comprehensive since I don't know anything about your business or what you have planned (also its not practical to do that in this forum). If you would like to learn more about how to create a business with a defensible market position or to discuss to get some more detailed help please feel free to contact me direct through my website at

              Also, when I looked at your profile on this site (the BoA/SBOC site) before replying to you, I noted that you do not share any information about yourself or your business. You may want to add some information to your profile ... that helps people see something about you should you post and ask for replies to questions in other areas of this website.

              Dennis Lowery
              Adducent, Inc.


                • Re: About Business Plans - The Most Important Document You Have
                  Molokay Newbie
                  Thank you for the prompt reply. As you may have figured out, I'm new to this I didn't know advertising was encouraged.

                  My particular market is based on contributors selling their product
                  (non tangible product) from my website on a non-exclusive agreement
                  bases. For this reason these contributors also sell their product in
                  several other websites. So when it comes to the product itself, it is
                  the same thing you will find within my competitors. I also sell my
                  personal material from several other venues just as my contributors,
                  this bring extra income to support my site.

                  What I see I need is something to stand out from the rest although I'm "the little guy in the neiborhood".

                  I started my business on the go, and I improved the website, bussiness
                  ideas as I learned new "tricks". Althought the site is still not
                  selling as much as I want I believe it is time to take it to the big
                  leagues, for what I starting to learn how to do a business plan.

                  Sorry I haven't post information about my business or myself. I would
                  like to keep it this way as the more information you provide (in my
                  case) the more vulnerable you become, specially if the competition is
                  looking around. Most forums allows search engine to crawl and my name
                  is very well attached to my website and vice versa.

                  The appeal of this industry is that the cost to running is very low,
                  and the work is mostly done by the contributors. The most expensive
                  part is advertising, which is why I need a business plan to find Angel
                  Inverstors. To give you an idea how powerful this industry is, one of
                  the big players acquired a 5 year old site (although very well managed)
                  for 47 million dollars around 6 years ago. A couple of weeks ago, this
                  same big player acquired another site for 93 million. A couple of my
                  competitors/distributors, are generating a minimun of 35k per month
                  with an operational cost that does not exceed 3K, and that is
                  considering that both have been in the market for less than 3 years.

                  Anyway, I will contact you within your website.

                  Thank you again for the info.

              • Re: About Business Plans - The Most Important Document You Have

                Business Plans EXPLAINED ~ Learn the things you need to know about creating powerful business plans, that most people don't


                Do you want to improve your current business plan or create one that has the best chance of attracting the interest of investors and funding sources?


                If your answer is "yes" to the above then you need to visit this page of my website for something that will help you create a powerful and compelling busines plan.


                The kind that investors will want to read!




                Dennis Lowery
                Adducent, Inc.


                Information, Education & Services to help you start, fund or buy a business.