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    Investment land, getting cheaper.

    Canadian2 Wayfarer
      I first posted an ad , investment land for sale at 95,000.00 per acre, since then the price has come down to $89,680.50 per acre CDN. The economic slowdown has the company coming up with a number of stimulus methods to move the land. They concentrate on the average Joe in the shopping malls to sell their land to. Some in the company administrtaion think doing anything on the internet is a waste of time, nothing but scammers, and money launderers. Obviously I don't agree, thus why I am here. Some of the stimulus moves this company has made besides the reduction in price, is a 5 year downward price protection plan. That peaked mall goer Joe's interest, but he still will not buy. In my opinion he is not a professional or seasoned investor, and until the good times come back, he will continue to say no, and by then he will have missed his best opportunity. Land investors, or developers, know or have some idea of cycles, or what is the more sure investment over another. To buy a property that is listed at $89,680.50, and has the potential to resell at $300,000.00, I think is a good investment. If you agree, and want in, just let me know.