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    Can somebody help me?  Idea Person seeks partner

    ExportAgent1 Newbie
      I'm looking for a fellow entrepreneur in South Florida who can be my close confidante and "right hand" person. I have a lot of business ideas, but right now I am focusing on an online import export company.

      I would like us to become partners with the goal of expanding the cpmpany into an "LLC".

      I have joined an online import/export database and have been working with it to identify international suppliers and buyers. I have begun to establish some relationships and rapport with these parties.

      What I need you to do is to help close deals between these parties, get them to agree to pay us for being the middleman, recommend alternate ways of conducting the business and eventually hire others.

      I get along well with all kinds of people.

      If you can do what I said I'm looking for in you please send a copy of your resume or CV to: