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    Buyer seeking acquisitions paid out $400,000 cash finder fee



      Client seeking Allergy related company acquisitions (this buyer paid out a $400,000 cash finder fee last quarter of 2008)


      One of my clients is seeking acquisitions of companies that manufacture or distribute Allergy related products. This client paid out a $400,000 cash finder fee in last quarter of 2008 to an intermediary that I have advised and work with to build their business. They are very aggressively looking for acquisitions for 2009.


      If you know of an allergy related business that meets the following basic criteria (below) and the owner is interested in selling all or part of their business, please let me know. My client (the investment firm) pays my fee and I will pay a referral/finder fee to anyone (who is not being compensated by the business owner/seller) that introduces me to the owner and they successfully close a deal with my client. Contact me for details.


      Dennis Lowery



      Companies that have the following basic criteria would be most interesting to us:

      • At least $2 million of EBITDA
      • Located in the United States
      • Management staying on or transitioning out