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    Want to be part of a project endorsed by Brad Pitt?

    mstephan09 Wayfarer
      Brad Pitt along with other "green" companies recently put a project together to provide green homes for the city of New Orleans. My business partner and I are looking to bring these homes all over the country as the designs for these homes are technologically advanced, will demand much less costs of ownership, and will help provide homes for people who traditionally can't afford to buy a home. We have a dream that we will be able to team with the US government in order to create homes that almost everyone in America will be able to own. Currently we are in the process of applying for grants from the HUD and creating a business plan, however we are looking for a partner that will also be able to provide funding and has experience in Real Estate Development. Angelo Mozzilo, the former owner of Countrywide Home Loans, had the dream of providing everyone with the ability to purchase a home by using financing. We want to take this dream to the next step and work side by side with the government to provide not only proper financing but actual homes. If you would like to get some more information or see the concepts please let me know! Thanks for your time and I look forward to any advice someone might give.
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          colossalcad Wayfarer
          In case you need it I can offer you our CAD drafting services.
          We're an outsourcing CAD office that offers all the services you need to have a complete set of blueprints with professionaly drawings.
          If you have sketch of the project we take it to CAD, or if you have CAD drawings that needs modifications we can do that as well or if the plans
          are already drawn by hand we can put them in CAD format so you can save storage space.
          Please visit us at and see all the services that we offer, I hope that we can be used in your project.
          Have a good day,