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    US Utility Patent #6,820,850 (Appliance Related) For Sale

    coleman63 Wayfarer
      Does anyone have contacts that buy US Utility Patents. This US Patent is directly related to the appliance industry and has the potential to make millions.

      The Appliance Slide (6,820,850) is a stationary product crafted of heavy grade aluminum and allowing one person to move the washer or dryer with little or no effort. Millions of dollars are spent each year repairing expensive flooring when these appliances are moved. Frequent inspections behind and under your machine could save thousands of dollars. Rotten flooring, black mold, mildew, dust mites, leaking hoses, fire hazards from dryer vents are just a few of the many uses of The Appliance Slide.

      The potential for this product is unlimited with the right purchaser taking into consideration the millions and millions of washing machines and dryers on the market today. Manufacturing for washing machines and dryers for 2009 is projected to increase up to 2.4% leaving unlimited millions up for grabs.

      This is also a great time to market this Utility Patent to manufacturers since designers are scrambling to bring new product to the market.

      I will also consider exclusive rights to manufacture are also a possibility and would be reviewed individually. I will also consider splitting up the payments over a 3 year period for a negotated price of $300,000.00 dollars. This deal would consist of $150,000.00 dollars up front and $50,000.00 each year for the next three years.

      This is a GREAT deal for the right person.

      I can be reached at 980-521-6972