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      Have a client/friend who borrowed some money from a friend. There was no paperwork and my buddy tried to make payments to
      this person. The 1st payment he accepted but after that said he would not accept payments and wanted a check for the full amount,
      ($35K). My client/buddy was more than wiling to send payments over the past 6-8 months but the other party would not accept that.
      Now the other party is saying if he does not receive payment in full in a week he will serve papers on my buddy. My buddy asked me,
      and I didn't know so I thought I would put it out here. Any ideas?
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          Creditbuilder Scout

          posted a reply but did not take... go to my profile and click on the link and select live chat to speak with a financial consultant
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            Creditbuilder Scout
            I requested and attempted to post a copy of your transcript of your conversation with the operator which we would be more than happy to email to you, but there is one sentence there that does not match what you are saying:

            You: "I am only going on by what he told me. He borrowed personally I beleive, but he does have a company that is a S-corp"

            Samantha: "Then we can help him at no cost, one moment please"

            That is a part of your transcript, but I could not copy and paste the original txt.. they keep every conversation for 24 months.
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                sage309 Newbie
                What does not match? Look at original question. I asked this question on behalf of a buddy of mine. He's not a member of this site and I told him I'd see what I could find out for him. He's not looking to borrow money. I merely went to your site as I thought you may be able to provide an answer for him.

                What was Samantha looking to provide for no cost? She asked if it was a personal loan or business and what entity his business was?? What
                exactly did this have to do with the original question? Thanks.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Question, Simple Question

                Simple answer, Talk to a Lawyer
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                  bmt2008 Adventurer
                  I agree with Luckiest - get a lawyer