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    Increase traffic to your business

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      An Association of DCL Graphics & Access Direct Marketing we bring you Red Book Savings
      first publication in the area of 75217 (zip code) of Dallas, Texas and the area of Plano, Texas.
      If you have business or know of a business that would like to Adveritise in these area.


      Please contact Walter at (214) 414-5414 or e-mail


      There's more then one single reason to pick Red Book Savings.
      1. We feature only local business.
      2. We hand deliver Red Book Savings directly to their front door!
      Reaching your customers where the live!
      3. Each edition is deliver to 10,000 local homes.
      4. More effective than bulk mail & a fraction of the price!
      5. Price includes design, printing, and distribution.
      6. Perfect for the business with a limited advertising budget.
      7. Consistent and persistent Red Book Savings is deliverd six times a year.
      8. Great for any business that offers a product or a service in the community.


      10,000 Design, Printed and Delivered


      Cover Page
      (.06½ ¢)

      Full Page
      (.05¾ ¢)

      Half Page
      (.03½ ¢)

      One Third Page
      (.02½ ¢)

      Coupon Ad
      (.01¼ ¢)

      10% off on One Year Contract on Any Size Ad.


      David C. Lopez
      DCL Graphics