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    Here's is some insight on using the President as a Brand....

    Rick Tillman Newbie
      Hello Everyone some of you may not like the using President Obama as a brand. I understand your feelings, but there's nothing for you to be offended by because here's why:
      Throughout history corporations have capitalized on every President. Of course this is based on the popularity of the President. So we're talking big business. And with our current ways of communications more people are aware of it now than ever before. And like you some takes offense to it. Each President understands going in that corporate and some individuals are able make profit off of them through the selling of their likeness. Now is that fair? Well yes, if this is the United States Of America. Why because, every Presidential Administration uses it as part of their agenda to help show their parties’ success. Also think for minute how the President gets into office, by campaigning, rising money from donations that goes where? Back to the media giants, for example President Obama spent $3.3 million in a single day of TV advertising. His total spending was over $100 Million. And those people of smiling all the way to the bank.
      Another point, when a President says look at the jobs and wealth created during my administration. This includes companies that used their likeness to sell products that created additional jobs.
      So let’s take the President that made the most for corporations during his time; there was Reaganomics in the 1980, and some of us had the Reaganomic Blues during that time. Old Ronnie ushered in a period of economic empowerment, for some, that is still remembered, by some, as the best ever. To this day, the Conservatives are making every attempt to reincarnate the Great Communicator, by holding séances otherwise known as political debates, like the one we saw held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, during the Republican primary. Those folks love themselves some Ronald Reagan and they loved Reagonomics.
      Plus he was my Commander And Chief, and having served our Great Nation for twelve years I take pride in the progress of those who seek to achieve more. So if I see a young man or lady selling Obama T-shirts and NOT DRUGS on the corner I'm all for it. I love to see positive success, but there should also be a return. See I am more than just a CEO of my company, I'm always giving back, during the holidays I had the honor to serve free coffee to over 600 homeless, the in their eyes and the smiles on their faces tell the story. The "1st Family House Blend Coffee, A Taste Of Unity" we are using money from than to put on our Third Annual Black Fathers Appreciation Dinner.
      Thank you kindly for your reply.
      Rick Tillman, Farley's Coffee, Inc. The Coffee With a Classic Taste!