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    Best Cold Call Approach!

    bizsaver Wayfarer

      I have a wonderful business that distributes fresh baked, sugar-free and all-natural cakes, cookies, pies, muffins and other healthy goodies to business and social groups personally to their office or event. We recently partnered with the JUVENILE DIABETES RESEARCH FOUNDATION on a fund-raising project (see We want to start cold calling businesses throughout our marketing area to let them know about our products, services and our partnership with the JDRF. I would like your help on a very important question...How should we approach the potential customer in a cold-call? Should we begin with our partnership program or the products and services we offer business and social groups? What opener would get YOU to come to the phone and talk to us?

      Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      Have A Great Day Of Business,

      Gary Scaife
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          lmcopy Newbie
          Hello, I found the best cold calling approach is honesty. Whoever answers the phone, tell them you name and your business name, then ask them "how are you" and let them answer. I find letting the person up front know who you are and not trying to sneak pass them is best. Then ask them, "I need your help, I am working on a fundraiser, who is the correct person I need to talk to?" Hope that helps.

          And if you are interested I am starting out myself. Maybe we could help each other. I am a freelance copywriter. And -for free -I will write you a short one page sales flyer that you can hand out or mail. All I ask in exchange is a testimonial and the right to post the sample and comments on my website. I need samples for my portfolio from a real business as most of the work in my portfolio is spec work (made up pieces to showcase my writing ability).

          You can contact me via my website

          Thank you.
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            AONECOMPUTERZ Newbie

            I agree wholeheartedly with the other responder that honesty is the best approach, but disagree strongly with the word "help", creates entirely the wrong posture. You have a mer couple of seconds to intrigue them enough to listen to you. I would try something like "HI, this is Dave from Heavingly bakeries, we are purveyors of these really wonderful sugarfree pastries and cakes. (you could give more details about the products here if you like) In fact they they are so good that we have parthnered up with JDRF. Is the office manager the person I need to speak to about promoting this project with JDRF?" You could even offer a freebie, that always works. "We would like to send a sample of our delicious products to you guys, who should I send it to, the office manager?"
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              lmcopy Newbie

              Look forward to hearing from you. I will check out your website to get myself familiar with your company. My website starts with a lower case L-- . Thanks.
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                metrofax Newbie
                The rule I'd follow is this ...

                Never make an offer or speak to people with a offer you wouldn't accept or in a manner you'd be upset/offended by.

                Do unto others I suppose. :)