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    Anyone have experience with "Sedo?"

    SupremeCakes Wayfarer
      I want to bid on a domain name - but Sedo requires a credit card number.
      I had a bad Internet experience with a credit card purchase, so I'm very
      careful about giving out the info. Thanks, BOB
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          gracefulonlin Wayfarer
          Sedo is a good company. You shouldn't worry about their security too much. However, like all sites, you should always take precautions. Bank of America does provide 'throw away' credit cards which are kept seperate from your regular account. You just transfer money to it, and then use the card. If something happens, you cancel the account, and it's not linked to anything.

          You can also set up a Paypal or Google Checkout account, and pay for purchases that way. Although I hate Paypal because of their ever increasing rates, they do offer a good service if you want to protect your financial information. Google Checkout works the same way, but is relatively new to the market. And Sedo does take Paypal.

          • Grace