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    Corporate Accounts

    reds7677 Newbie
      We have a great product for corporate gifts, but have been unable to crack the corporate market. We have limited marketing funds. What are the best and most economical ways to identify the companies currently giving corporate gifts in our area, and what are the best ways in securing the opportunity to present our products.
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          KatsVoice Newbie
          If there was one answer that worked for every product in every company, the information would be readily available.

          Would you mind providing a little more about your product? If you're not ready to disclose it, would you go deeper and explain WHY it's perfect for a corporate gift with some descriptors....

          Without it.. it's a GI-GO situation. Garbage In = Garbage Out

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              reds7677 Newbie

              Thank you for your reply. We are a gourmet fruit gift basket company serving the South Florida area. We feature fruit arrangements designed to resemble floral bouquets. We distinguish ourselves by offering only quality products such as, gourmet Belgian chocolate for our chocolate covered products. We offer unique themed designs and encourage the customer to play a role in the creative process. Feel free to take a look at our products We are looking for economical ways to obtain corporate accounts. We feel that businesses will certainly make a memorable impression on their clients with our products. Items start at just $25, comparable to other corporate gifts particularly floral arrangements.
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  The best way that I know of getting corporate accounts (I have a few), is to beat the street.

                  When I find a company that I think would use my product, I make a phone call and find out who would be responsible for initiating the gift giving. Once I have that person's name, I send them one of my items with a note describing how it could benefit their company. I then make a phone call to them a day or two after it has arrived to see if they are interested. If not, I tell them thanks and to keep the product and move on to the next person. If they are interested, I start a more detailed dialogue and finish up with mailing them more detailed information. Then is then followed up with calling again to ensure they got the info and if any questions. After that, I ensure that their orders are handled promptly and correctly.

                  I know it sounds like a lot of work but once you have the account the work pays off. Because they will keep ordering from you regularly. Not to mention, when you ship the items to their gift recipient, your company's name gets in front of another potential customer. And on and on and on.

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                      honeyshay Newbie
                      In regards to breaking into the corporate market; the insurance industry is the hardest one to crack. My background is in sales and marketing and getting to these people is almost impossible. Our business is fire and explosion investigation. Our expert has superior qualifications and all that is needed to to a great job for these folks. However, they have a list of experts that they have used for years and even getting a phone call in is almost impossible. Appointments are out of the question. None will be bothered. We have most recently instituted a postcard 5"X7" with superior graphics and high end finish to be send to each and every claims manager and property manager in the ins. industry in New England. There will be three different mailings, one a month for the next three months. What I'm interested in knowing is; should we spend the money on a follow up brochure mailing or just do the phone call, try to make appointment thing? Any help would be appreciated.