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    Organizing as a Non Profit Mutual Benefit Organization - ?'s

    DubFrontSidah Newbie
      I want to organize my buisness as a non profit mutual benefit corporation in California.

      My understanding is that I fill out this:
      Pg 4, and send it with a check and a letter and a self addressed envelope to Sacramento where processing takes FOUR TO SIX WEEKS.

      Am I supposed to have a place of buisess before and during these 6 weeks? Am I really supposed to pay rent for 6 weeks without being able to do buisness? Or am I allowed to get a location after, or am I allowed to do buisness during this 4 to 6 weeks as long as I have my other permits?

      For a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, do I need to get a dba/ficticious name and a buisness license?

      Thank you.