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    what do you think

    javaoverride Newbie
      if possable would any of you be nice enough to just have a quick look around my website and give me some feed back

      does it all look ok
      it there any thing you think it should have
      what you like
      what you didnt like


      any feed back would really help me out in my quest for self empoyment

      thank you in advanced
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          javaoverride Newbie
          Sorry it would help if i posted the link :) sorry

          and thank you again your opinion will help me better understand what people like
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              I took a quick look at your site. I think the black background gives the site too dark of a look (it seems less consumer/visitor friendly). In my opinion its hard on the eyes as well. Following Amazon, Google and eBay's lead for the design and lay out of their websites; when I developed my website www.Adducent.TV, I went with a white background to make it easier on the eyes since I wanted it to be an inviting venue for people to visit and want to read about the business topics and articles found at the site that would help them with their business.

              Dennis Lowery
              Adducent, Inc.
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                  javaoverride Newbie

                  Thanks for the reply I picked the dark background because in my design research most of the gadget based sites are quite dark with bold colors mainly looked at the most popular ones, one example is
                  is (no its not a computer hacking website) so I would really like to keep it dark do you have any idea how I could brighten it up with out changing the background
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                First, you need to post a link to your site.

                And second, you need to fill out your profile. Some of the members have stopped answering posts that tell us nothing about the person or business that is posting.
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                  vektor Newbie
                  Use a brighter secondary colour, at the moment its 10% grey and 5% purple on 85% black. too dark overall.
                  It's the banner that makes your website more like a personal website than a business one.
                  The typeface is too blurry, I like the mascot but it has a gaming feel when drawn in 3d, try simplify into 2d with your company name to make it more like a logo.
                  Also your online store section is not consistant with the rest of the site, in IE7 you lose the original template.

                  I also noticed this on your website -
                  "All Products on this page are brought to you by our affiliated China whorehouse"

                  might want to fix that up...:)
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    The itgate encryption...are you pirating cable & satellite signals?

                    I liked the website, looks somewhat like mine as well. It has its' own 'environment' and is very teckkie and edgy.

                    Looks good, but that itgate thing disturbs me...
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                        javaoverride Newbie
                        lol no we are not a pirate cable website itgate boxes are freeview boxes (people do flash them to steal cable but we do not condone that on our site.) i design skins for the boxes so i thort i would use that to create a niche in my forum

                        well first off thanks vektor for the spelling ill get that sorted now lol
                        i know the online store isnt working at the min it shows fine in dreamweaver CS4 liveview but wont show once uploaded a friend said he would take a look at it for me at the weekend

                        so i was thinking of maybe using a backgroun picture nothing to complex still dark but with maybe swirls of colour but do you know if it would take longer for the page to load?

                        also vektor you say the banners look unprofessional would you say remove them all or just redisgn them?

                        but thank you very much for taking the time to help me
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                            vektor Newbie

                            no probs.


                            I think the swirly background will make the text even harder to read and yes it will take a little longer to load.


                            With the banner a quick fix might be just to pick an easier to read font (without effects) and if you decide to keep the penguin reduce the size by 50% and centre both the penguin and title to the page.


                            Or alternatively think about developing a logo or symbol that promotes "Gadget Overload" that you can use for many purposes such as product labels.
                            You have 3 brands showing in your banner at the moment

                            hope that helps