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    Government Contractor seeking Line of Credit

    edsmoot Newbie

      Smoot Key and Lock, Inc, was awarded a 5 years locksmith contract with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in Washington, DC. We were awarded this contract in September 2007. We are currently working on the 2nd year. I am seeking a $10,000.00 Line of Credit to cover the period of invoice turn-in until payment received. The United States Treasury Department, deposit payments into my Bank of America account automatically, upon the availabilty of funds. The longest the government takes to pay is 60 days, but they normally pay within 15 days of invoice received.

      I am seeking this Line of Credit based on my contract with HUD. Who provides line of credit based on my situation?


      Smoot Key & Lock, Inc.
      3737 Branch Avenue
      Temple Hills, MD 20748
      Phone: (301)-967-1245
      Mobile: (240)-475-2398 or (202)-436-2126